cancel silversingles membership

How do I cancel silver singles membership?

When the users end up finding the right match, they want to cancel the silver singles membership and delete silversingles account. As the users have provided the personal details on Silversingles, it is obvious to protect their information. The users can also take expert help at Silver singles customer service.

Introduction to Silversingles

Today, more and more senior singles are turning to Silversingles to find a long-term relationship partner. Living alone after 50 is not good from a mental and physical health perspective. Many people get alone at this age due to many reasons. Whatever the reason is, one can still find love and live the rest of the life happily.

Silversingles is a leading destination for senior singles where they can find someone who understands them and spend the rest of the life with love. If you are a senior single above 50, then sign-up Silversingles, provide basic details, give compatibility test, and get ready to find their right match. Silversingles bring hundreds of compatible matches every day to help find the right partner.

Silversingles are free to use. Anyone can register on Silversingles. The only difference is Silversingles verifies the profile to check the profile is genuine or not. Perhaps, this is why you only find the genuine profile on Silversingles, which increases your probability to find the right match with whom you are compatible and can take the relationship to the next level.

Registering on Silversingles is easy. Simply provide basic details including username, email address, mobile number, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Once you sign-up for the Silversingles, you will start finding your matches.

You are supposed to find your match sooner within a few days or weeks. Once it happens, you will no longer need to stay active on Silversingles. You can proceed to cancel the Silversingles membership and deactivate your account for some time. But at the same time, you can also switch off the automatic renewal of your Silversingles premium membership.

Following are the steps to cancel Silversingles premium membership;

Silversingles has kept the procedure simple for the users.  The users need to follow the simple procedure to cancel the silver singles membership.

  • Click on “My Account” via the menu and Membership
  • Select the cancellation link “Cancel
  • Select your reason to cancel and click/tap Continue

Enter your account password and tap confirm

Below are the steps to delete Silversingles account;

If you want to take a break from Silversingles, you can end up canceling the premium membership. However, if you want to permanently quit the Silversingles, then you should delete your account. This way, your provided basic information will also get deleted on Silversingles.


  • Click My Account and then click on Delete my account
  • Click/tap on the deletion link, “to delete your profile, please click here
  • Select a reason to delete and click Continue
  • Enter your password and click Confirm


  • Navigate to My Account and tap Delete Account
  • Select a reason
  • Submit your email and password to confirm

How do I receive a refund?

If you have made a purchase error and you are unsure about the payment, you can speak to Silversingles experts at Silver singles phone number. Receiving a refund is easy and simple if the issue is genuine. Technical experts will assist you as soon as you call them. Moreover, if you have any query related to Silversingles account or want to learn how Silversingles work, you can contact them anytime. They provide 24/7 service for the users.


Dial Silver singles customer service to share Silversingles cancel membership issue

One of the best things about Silversingles is Silversingles customer service where the users can share Silversingles technical issues including silversingles cancel membership issue. Besides facing above mentioned issues, the users can face a couple of other technical issues with Silversingles that may include login issues, password reset issues, change password issues, etc.

Technical experts at Silver singles phone number stay active round the clock to address Silversingles technical issues. They are a certified team of experts who protect customer privacy and security. Sharing issues with the experts will make sure they are resolved immediately.

We are a notable third-party technical support that operates independently and provides online assistance to Silver singles account users. Likewise, the company provides online assistance to various dating platforms, which is why they are well-versed with the technical issues being occurred with the Silversingles.


Getting professional at Silver singles phone number is very simple. The users need to dial the toll-free number shared by us. Hopefully, this handy guide has answered the major technical issues being occurred with the Silversingles account.

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