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How to receive Silversingles refund in the simple steps?

Indeed, Silversingles is a leading dating site for senior singles. The best thing is, the Silversingles users are backed by Silversingles customer service, where the Silversingles experts address all technical issues being occurred with Silversingles. In this hand guide, we will address all the technical problems including Silver singles refund.

Introduction to Silversingles

Silversingles is a celebrated matchmaking site for singles over 50. Intelligent matchmaking algorithms suggest relevant and compatible suggestions for long-term relationship partners. Silversingles allows its users to sign-up for free or paid memberships by visiting its official website. If you choose paid membership, you get access to additional features that help you find your dating partner even faster and more effectively.

Once you register on Silversingles, you will be asked to give a personality test. Silversingles has developed this personality test with cooperation from relationship experts and psychologists. This personality test is based on the model theory of personality traits, including Openness, extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

Likewise, the personality test is divided into different sections: personality traits, attitude towards relationships, and communication skills. This test can take around 20 minutes to complete. Every user needs to give their personality test so that the Silversingles can bring compatible matches. The company recommends taking proper time before answering any questions. You may be asked questions like do you love traveling?

How do I purchase a silver singles membership?

Silversingles offer different types of paid memberships to its users. All you have to do is log in to your Silversingles account and select Become a Premium member. Select the offer you wish to buy and click/tap Continue

Payment by Credit card

  • Enter your card details and click/tap Continue
  • You can purchase with Visa, American Express, Master Card, or Discover Credit Cards

Pay By Paypal

  • Select Payment via Paypal and click/tap Continue
  • You will be redirected to the Paypal site. Log in to your personal paypal account and confirm the payment.

The cost depends on the premium membership duration you choose. The premium membership offers available at the time of purchase.

How to get Silversingles refund?

Have you made any premium membership purchase mistakes or errors? Are you unsure about the payment?

Getting a refund is easy in that case. All you have to do is contact Silversingles via phone call or fill Contact form. Representatives at Silversingles will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I cancel my Silversingles Premium membership?

Many people quit the paid membership after successfully finding their compatible match every day. Simply, there is no use in continuing with paid membership. In that case, you can direct the option to cancel the paid membership by following the below steps.

  • Navigate to My Account via the menu and Silversingles membership
  • Choose the Cancellation link “Cancel.”
  • Select your cancellation reason and click/tap Continue
  • Enter the password and click/tap Confirm

You can also turn off the automatic renewal of the premium membership by accessing the “Online Cancellation form”.

If you have followed these steps, you will receive the confirmation email from Silversingles. Remember, you will be able to access all premium features until the paid subscription ends.

If you see the message “your cancellation is not yet completed”, please contact Silver singles customer care. If you require more information on paid membership cancellation notice period, you can visit the Terms and Conditions. If you want to switch the auto-renewal back on, go to “Membership” and click/tap “Reactivate”

How do I delete my Silversingles profile?

If you want to delete your Silversingles profile, scroll down to find the simple instructions. Your account, messages, matches will be completely deleted. Silversingles will not be able to reinstate your Silversingles profile.

Here is the procedure to delete your Silversingles profile on the website;

  • Navigate to My Account via the menu and Delete My Account
  • Click/tap the deletion link, “ To delete your profile, please click here”.
  • Select a reason and click/tap Continue
  • Enter your password and click/tap Confirm

Here is the procedure to delete your Silversingles profile on the app;

  • Select “My Account, and tap Delete Account.
  • Select a reason.
  • Submit your email and password to confirm.


Silver singles customer service belongs to an independent technical support service that offers instant online support. Here the issues will be addressed by tech professionals having vast experience in resolving complex Silversingles technical issues.

You can get technical assistance either by chat, phone call, or email. Silversingles customer care has introduced a toll-free number to address the phone call issues. Hence, if you fail to get Silversingles refund, cancel the paid subscription, or delete the profile, let the technical experts quickly get the solution.

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